Flexibility and a little bit of nudity

Many people ask me, what is the secret of power of post-Soviet sportsmen. Many think, that it has something to do with Chernobyl or weird stuff left from the Cold War technologies, and all of us are kind of Hulks or X-men.
But it's much more simple, actually. Me personally, I'm not afraid to tell my secrets, so here's one.
I have such a good flexibility and no fat on my muscles, because... Shhhhhhh!! (now I'm whispering) every week I go to banya...
I am Ukrainian, we are Northern people. We are used to winter, that lasts for 7-8 months each year of our life. We grow up with a strong and deep desire to get WARM. That is why we absolutely love banya. The real one, wooden, with bunches of oak branches, ice water and hell high temperature!
Here are five things I adore about banya:
The smell of leaves on the oak branches, you get hit with
The heat pulsing in the temples
The numb feeling spreading down the body, when you jump into the ice-hole
Taste of honey, which you message into your skin before you go into the steam room
Additional 5-7 sm into the oversplit the next day
Here you go - our last trip to banya. By the way, it's March, 2nd, and it was snowing today. You, lucky ones leaving on the South, can you imagine that?!

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