My ten favourite splits

1.Forward split on the elbow. Get into the cupid (I do it on the right knee, so I will be explaining on this side. If you do on the left – just mirror everything J ). Grip the pole with your right hand you’re your right knee, grip the pole with your left hand under your right knee. Stretch the right leg up into the split. Pull yourself close to the pole, hold it with your elbow, your left hand is free. 

2.Balance push split. Grip the pole with two hands, put your foot as high on the pole as you feel comfortable, under your hands. Higher you place your foot – easier it will be for you to push. Push with your foot at the pole, the second leg stretch into the split. If you feel that you have obtained good balance, let the left hand free. 

3.Center split on the pole. Do everything as in the split number 2. Then put your free stretched leg up, as if making a step, grip the pole with your toes and stretch into the center split as close as you can to the pole. You hold yourself with your hands and keeping the balance.

4.Jamilla split. Do a regular right leg hang (again - if you do everything on the left side, just mirror the instructions). Pull your left leg forward, closer, with your right hand. Stick to the pole with upper side of your inner thigh. Pull the leg as close to the pole as you can, feel the grip, try to pull it a little bit ross through the pole to the opposite shoulder. When you feel that your grip is secure, stretch your right leg into the split. If you don`t feel safe, hold your bum with the left hand – it helps. 

5.Jenyne split. Get into the cupid. Put the hand, which is higher (right – in my case) under the upper leg. With opposite elbow grip under the knee of the lower leg. Get your body down, parallel to the floor, stretch both legs into the split. 

6.Split with your back to the pole. Do the cupid, turn your back to the pole. Grip the pole with your hands, keeping yourself with your back to the pole. Place your hands from the both sides of your body (higher or lower – choose the way it`s more comfortable for you). This way you can keep your balance, then stretch the upper leg up the pole, sliding it with the help of your toes.

7.Kim split. Do the split number 3. Turn your body up, pull the lower leg even lower and closer to the pole. Grip the pole with your armpit. 

8.Russian split. Do the cupid. Bend down , gripping the pole with two hands on the opposite sides of your foot. Place your foot safely on the pole, push it, your elbows bent. Pull the upper leg down, pushing the foot into the pole, straightening the elbows, until you reach your maximum. 

9.Dangerous bridge with the split. Do the handspring, grip the pole with one foot (your foot must be turned to form kind of hook), place the pole on your shoulder, stretch the legs into the split. You’re your hands higher to your shoulder, close to one another. Push yourself away from the pole.

10.Split over the head. Do a regular right leg hang. Leave your right hand on the pole, with the opposite one – grab the leg, which is on the pole, pull the leg close to your shoulder, over your head. Turn your body with your back to the pole and stretch into the split.

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  • shimarella

    so many splits! I find the Jenyne split annoyingly difficult. It LOOKS like something I can do...someday.

    shimarella Friday, 13 March 2015 22:40 Comment Link

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