About Critique and Two Beautiful Women

Critique is the great way to bring up your mood. When you prove to someone, mainly – yourself,
that everybody around is incompetent, ugly and idiotic, your own problems seem smaller.
And you yourself look better… kinda.. So I`m not against critique. Even if it`s not fair.
But there is one “but”. If you want to criticize somebody – do it at home, quietly, with your friend or
the loved one. Then it`s harmless. You talk about Angelina Jolie, decide that she is way too
skinny – and your dear girl smiles with satisfaction. You talk about Andriy Shevchenko, discuss an
obvious conclusion, that his career has come to an end, and you and your friend feel yourselves
so needed. This is just the way to overcome stress.
But when people write negative comments or through their disgust right into your face – this is the
whole another story. My friend – an ex-ballroom dancer and now quite a famous TV actress – once
confessed me, that she never spends her vacations in her homeland. She is in tremendous shape, with
a face of 22 year old (even though she`s past 30), but as all the women is extremely sensitive about
her looks, weight and youth. Once she went for a week end to a seaside in Poland (she`s from
Warsaw). The whole day she laid on the beach, enjoying the hot sun together with cold waves…
And the next day on the all newsstands around the country there was a newspaper with her picture
on the front page. She was wearing bikini, stepping out of the water, her hip circled with bright red,
the fragment enlarged and huge headline screamed with poison: “Actress… has CELLULITE!!!” Can
you imagine her horror, dear ladies?
Well, maybe it`s even ok for journalists – that`s their job. But why do other people do this?! In 2010
in Zurich Brazilian Rafaela Montanaro won the third place on the World Championship (just like me,
few months ago ;))) Before her stunning performance on the competition, not that many people have
heard about her. But then suddenly everybody became interested in – who`s that girl who managed
to steal the prize even from Jenyne and Oona? And then it started… They were not tired of writing all
sorts of offensive comments under the video with her winning routine. They called her manly, too
muscled and accused of using steroids. Finally Rafaela had to answer herself: “ ..." Indeed Rafaela is
a gorgeous woman, and I adore her pole skills!
So, please, next time, when you feel sad, and you are angry at the whole world, and you want to
get rid of negative emotions bursting from your head and heart, talk about Paris Hilton or David
Beckham at the kitchen table. Then calm down, and find somebody you like. Then press the “like”
for their video or page. And smile. And they somebody you “liked” will smile, too. Two smiles with
one click – that`s priceless ))

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