How It All Began

Since my early childhood I was sure, my life will be dedicated to sport. My father was multi-champion of Soviet Union in swimming. I was always amazed with his power, persistence and hunger for victory. I learned to swim before I learned to walk. And then I knew it wasn`t for me.
I came to the gym, when I was 9. It was too late to start professional career in sports gymnastics. Do you agree? No, if you really want something. In a year I took part in my first competitions. After six more months I won my first medal. After seven years with a title of Candidate Master (of Sports) I… had to drop out. 
After the Union`s collapse, and after the huge financial crisis, the state stopped supporting sport organizations. We had no money to pay for the training or at least gym rent. Nobody ever heard anything about scholarships then.
Unfortunately, almost always, sport is expansive. While dance is free. Especially if you dance on the street. Few videos from internet, good company – and I became a break-dancer. We gathered a team and were practicing on the streets, killing our backs, scratching our elbows down to the blood and naked muscles, leaving half of our skin on the asphalt. We decided to dance on the Dniepropetrovsk quay on the weekend nights. Soon more and more people heard about us, and they were coming there for us, to watch our street performances, give us some money for the show… After a while we`ve earned enough to rent a space for practices. Then we opened our dance school for children. A free one.
Then I fell in love, moved to the capital, got into “So You Think You Can Dance”, got married, worked in several big TV-shows as a choreographer, opened my own dance school, and felt pretty happy.
My wife was doing pole dance. Actually that passion of her was a big part of the appeal, that made me fall head over heels for her. For several years she tried to talk me into her favorite sport and shook her head desperately, when for pure fun I tried X-flags, parallel stands and blanches, refusing to take it all too serious.
And then she fell sick. While my wife was in the hospital I found myself lonely and completely lost. All I had was a lot of time, that was filling up fast with absolutely unnecessary depressing thoughts. In order to get rid of them I went to the dance studio. Pole dance studio.
For her I filled out the application for World Pole Dance and Sport in Zurich. For her I practiced every day for 8 – 10 hours. And for her I won the bronze medal. Now I don`t want to stop. She fought with her decease and she won. And I will win for her everything else I can.

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