I`ve decided to start this blog, because I`m honestly so… fed up! I`m so fed up of explaining to people, who I am and what I do. I am the pole-dancer. And I’m proud of it. I`m a sportsman, an acrobat and a dancer, hard-working, venturous and creative, I love girls (especially – my wife), children and dogs, I hate vulgarity and insolence.
I do understand, that it`s so much easier to think with stereotypes. Russian means drinking, American means fat, blond means stupid. But, c`mon people, is it really so?! It doesn`t need any effort to smirk – you dance on the pole, so you`re a stripper. It`s so much harder to overthink it all, analyze, watch videos with the performers, championships, read the rules of competitions and learn at least something about the winners.
This is a very entertaining, but extremely laborious sport. It demands huge physical strength, gymnastic flexibility and tremendous sense of balance. Each trick and combo comes from blood and sweat – literally. Month after month you hit the skin in order for it to lose the sensitivity.Then you wait for bruises to heal, as there is a golden rule: new trick = hematoma = healing = no more pain in that exact spot. It`s dangerous, because you`re not able to control yourself 100% of time. One wrong move – and you crash down right on your cervical vertebrae. You perform with the most unreliable partner possible – the pole. Because of the negligence or lack of knowledge on the side of organizers so often you put your health and life in danger. The room is too cold – you lose the grip with a pole, too hot – you slip down because of the sweat, bad fixation – you fall down with a pole on top of you, doesn`t spin – you hang on it, like an idiot. And then somebody asks you a question – so you`re a stripper, right? 
Well, no. I never was, I will never be

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