Baby on board

I still can't get around the thought that I am a father. The little princess that has the cartoon eyes amazes me every day and every second. She made me a completely different person. And makes me say weird stuff. Here are 10 things I could never imagine myself saying in my previous life:

1. I need a unicorn. Would be perfect if you have the pink one.

2. It seems I just sat down into a poo.

3. You can call me in the morning any time. I wake up at 4-5 a.m. normally.

4. Honey, I hope your boobs are not getting any bigger.

5. I think people notice that I have a vomit on my T-shirt.

6. I don't want to have sex. I am too tired and my head hurts.

7. Honey, I think she is more beautiful than you.

8. No, thank you, I'll pass on the party today. And the next 6 months.. years?

9. I think your or my mom should move in with us.

10. I will do the cleaning, you can get some sleep.

Last modified onMonday, 25 August 2014 13:58

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