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Lucky people

Lucky people

 When I join my wife at the dinner with her friend, I catch the end of their conversation. "You didn't gain any weight at all, like you haven't even had a baby. You are so lucky!" Her friend says. To which my wife only smiles. She is lucky. She has amazing will power. She hasn't eaten French fries since she was 15, there is no morning, no matter how cold or hot, that she didn't start with freezing shower, the best way to calm our baby to which she is used from the first weeks of her life, is to do squats or sit-ups with her. She made a choice between chocolate and 58 cm waist and sticks to it.  Once I was reading an article about people who were on the Biggest looser and gained weight after that. They said that during the show they had to eat "baby food", go to sauna and train for 4 hours everyday. They think it's not normal. Well, for most people I know, it actually is. Yes, the lucky people.

I judge competition and see the girl hanging on her heel and touching the pole with her shoulder blades, while her other leg is practically curled around the pole. The over split so crazy it's painful to watch it. My fellow judge gives a contestant barely half of the maximum score for flexibility. "Why so low?" I ask after the competition. "She is just lucky. She is an ex-gymnast." Yes, she is lucky. When you were watching cartoons or playing Super Mario she was having her joints broken in all unnatural ways possible. She spent from 8 to 10 years in smelly gyms, did her first manicure after she was 20 as her coach didn't allow her to, and is very likely to have problems with her back when she is only 40, but hell with it - of course, it's a pure luck, so why appreciate it? On the other hand there is a much better contestant! She has a flat split after only two years of pole dancing, three times visiting a pole studio! That's an achievement! That's not luck! Maximum points for her!

I heard way too many times I was lucky I did flips from the early childhood. Yes, you don't know how lucky my Mom was, finding me somewhere under the tree with blood streaming from my forehead. I was lucky riding on my own in the age of 7, through the whole city, in a cold bus full of strangers, with a temperature reaching minus 20 outside, to get to the only gym we had available.Every day.

Dear people, please, understand, there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING achieved in this world without very hard work. A gymnast spent at least 5 years to get her flexibility, a parkour freestyler at least once in his life has hit his head so hard he was facing death or severe mental injury, a girl with perfect body doesn't eat chocolate even for Valentine's Day, or birthday, or her last day on earth. But the good news are - hey! If you put the same amount of work as they did, you'll get there! Look at gorgeous girls - Anastasia and Marion that don't have gymnastics background. But they worked for years, and now they are among the "lucky" ones. If you really need it - work for it. It's hard, it's exhausting, you have to be tough, but eventually you will get there. If you don't need it, then relax. There is nothing wrong in being who you are, without perfect splits, abs, legs or whatever you dream about. You still will be beautiful, loved and happy. Just remember, there are no lucky people in this world. Whatever me, you or they have - appearance, family, money, success, sport, career, children - was achieved by a lot of stress, determination and hellish work.

The change of discipline also demands huge efforts. I don't know why, but many people in pole dance are sure that if you are a gymnast, tricker, rock climber, you will just jump on the pole and be a champion. This is absolutely not true! Contortionists, for example, need to sacrifice part of their flexibility to gain the needed strength for the pole. They take much bigger risks than the rest as their joints are much more likely to get dislocated or injured during power moves. There is hardly any discipline that gets your skin ready for the pole. Gymnast or not, we all get ugly black bruises and bloody palms. Every time you say: it's easy for her to pole dance, because she is a dancer (gymnast, workouter, tricker, parkour trainee, acrobat, contortionist etc) you sound exactly like: it's easy for her to play the piano, because she can sing. Yes, it helps. But I had lots of student who before pole dance did squats only to get on the sofa, but got all pole tricks from the first try. Because of specific skin, grip, natural abilities, lots of various reasons. So let's respect everyone! Their work, background, ambitions and abilities. It really hurts when years of your hard work or your natural talent make you feel somehow ... Guilty...

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