Do you know, what I did in London?

While London was celebrating the birth of new prince, pole dance world was celebrating the birth of new princess. I am talking about Russian wonder - Olga Trifonova, of course.

Actually, World Championship in London is a unique event. For the first time the world comp was held not only in the common categories - female, male and doubles, but also among children and sportsmen 40+. Therefore the rules were very strict. Each of the contestants received the list of compulsory moves. I don't know, what they had in other categories, but for females and males, we had to choose ten elements: 5 out of ten flexibility moves plus 5 out of 10 power moves. For failer to show the compulsories, the points were taken off without any discussion or exception. Also execution if all elements had to come up to the very high standard - only oversplits, perfect lines, pointed toes, smooth transitions into and out of each. Otherwise - points off. There was a special judge, who followed all your compulsories. Also - only music without lyrics, no requisite, no jewellery, no shoes of any kind. Of course, strictly prohibited any sexuality, vulgarity, etc. The championship was organized by KT Coates, who is very well known in the pole dance world as active fighter for pole dance being accepted into the Olympics. 

There were few things I was worried about in London: Weather. +37!!! In the city! For pole dancer that's a death sentence! Your palms sweat, you can't breath... Also there were two more training poles right outside, in the backyard. While I was warming up there, in the shadow, my muscles got there shot of oxygen. Also only contestants and their coaches were allowed there. So it was very difficult to get nervous in the company of such mega-positive people, like - Derick Pierson, Danial Rosen, Bendy Kate and others. Different poles. As usually, in different countries they use different poles. In Australia the most popular ones are 38 brass, in Ukraine - 42,5 stainless steel, in England and Northern Europe, as appeared - the white poles. They had special water resistant coating, I don't know, what kind of exactly, but it felt like well polished paint. British contestants couldn't understand, why we were staring in horror at the stage, 8 out of 10 studios in UK had the same ones. During the rehearsals I had time to get used to the poles. But after four minutes I understood, they actually had better hand grip, the same body grip but are no good for drops, if you are not used to them. For my drop, though, flip from fonji, the grip was much more important, so I was happy. Uniform. Each sportsman needed to wear his national uniform. I understood from the very beginning, I won't be able to buy the special custom made for me. London was expensive enough with tremendous visa fee, and just being one of the most expensive city in the world. I know, for many sportsmen their national pole federations sponsored their costumes. Well... mine didn't. Then I decided to buy just our Ukrainian national uniform. I had two choices - Olympic representation and football. I am sure, the designer, who created our Olympic uniform is very talented and stuff. I just didn't get it. Do you?

The football uniform looked much better, of course. But coasted that much, it could be afforded apperently only by a player of our national football team, who gets his paychecks in euro. But I lived in Ukraine for my whole life. I can find the way out of any situation. I went to Maidan (that's the main square in Kiev) and bought there in tourist shop the head band. It costed 25 hrv (3$). I cut out of it our national emblem, embroided word UKRAINE, and from the cloth left made two small flags. Then i chose my favourite sport costume and covered the brand logos with my cut-out art. I was so proud with my idea, that decided to sew it all myself, without waiting for my wife. It didn't turn out all that good. But at least I couldn't be left unnoticed on the championship!! It worked for me, I was the only one representing Ukraine. Because due to the rules, the representatives of the same country needed similar costumes. I am not sure, many people would have appreciated my creativity... 4. And my worst fear. Not in my most horrible nightmare I saw it coming... Allegra! I remember, when I first started pole dancing, I did the iron-X from the first try and dead lift - from second, but it took me month and a half to get myself into the regular leg hook. It's the most unnatural position a man can get into. Well, second after superman. So when we opened the list of compulsory moves, my wife laughed out loud and said - I want to see this! I didn't do Jade, I didn't do Allegra, and God forbid me do the banana split! That was a challenge! I knew, how to do these moves, I had enough flexibility for them, it's just the grip... We, men, are very tender you know. We compensate our tenderness by obvious strength, but inside we are afraid of pain and being hurt. That is why we are not the ones delivering babies. Fear, pain, bruises... I'd better do double flip, than Allegra! All the teachers at my studio literally laughed as all of them did it easily. With straight leg. Most of my students did.

So, what can I tell you - I did it. And thank you, dear judges, who appreciated it! I was placed first!!! World champion! Just a year ago I watched the videos on-line, thinking - I wish, I could go there! And here I am with a gold medal, standing on the podium. London does stand out among other competitions. It is pure sport, absolutely different approach, extremely strict rules. And for me this the very important victory. I proved, that a dancer can be the sport pole champion. Not a gymnast, not a sportsman, not a circus performer, a street dancer. So, guys, c'mon, try it! We are the future!

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